Red Tie Photography


Children grow at an alarming rate.  We capture images of your child on it’s journey, so you can keep them forever.

The photographs can be from one or more sittings, and can be displayed framed or made into a book. We can offer a full service, or supply the images for you to add your own personal touch to.

We offer a very relaxed style of photography which allows for great interaction with the subject.  We understand that children get ratty, need changing and feeding, and in general hate having their clothing changed continuously.

The shoot can take place at your home, the studio in Whitstable or a studio near you.

It does help if your child is cute, I can take stunning photographs of a beautiful child. Alas if your child is homely, it then becomes harder.  If your child is ugly, the photographer will be blamed for the final result. An ugly child's photograph run through many processes in Photoshop, is still an ugly child; sorry! Ugly children will incur a surcharge (the photographer makes the decision on who is ugly, parents cannot be trusted to provide an unbiased view, and Grandparents can be even more unreliable).